Aerofy: stream media to your N9/N950 (UPDATED)

July 24, 2011 | MeeGo

Aerofy - stream media to your N9 N950

Aerofy is a Subsonic client with streaming features.
This application has been available on N900 for some time, but its now finding its way to Harmattan devices.
Aerofy is developed using Qt Quick and while its functional(like you can see on the video below) developer still wanna add features and more polish before release. No hurry as far as im concerned, its not like we all are rocking those N9s just yet.

I plan to add some features such as:
File downloading (useless to me, but its possible. If you can, why not.)
Jukebox control (some problems here)
Video streaming
LastFM integration
– Aerofys developer


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